Purple Flower

“The Wally Dug” by an unknown poet:


I aye mind o’that wee hoose that stood on the brae,

It’s lum was aye reekin’, it’s roof made o’ stray.

The outside was bonny, the inside was snug,

But whit I mind best o’ was the wee wally dug.


It stood in a corner, high up on the shelf,

And keepit an ee on the best o’ the delf,

It was washed twice a year, frae its tail tae its lug,

And pit back on the shelf, was the wee wally dug.


When oor John got mairrit tae sweet Jeanie Blue,

The auld folks they gied him a horse an’ a coo,

But when I left the hoose, ma hert gied a tug,

For a’ mither gied me was the wee wally dug.


There’s an auld saying, ‘Ne’er look a gift hourse in the moo’,

But I looked that wee dug frae its tail tae it’s broo’

An’ a fun’ a wee slit at the back o’ it’s lug,

It was stuffed fu’ o’ notes, was the wee wally dug.


I tain it hame tae oor Lizzle tae pit on a shelf,

An’ I telt her the worth o’ that wee bit o’ delf.

An’ we aye feed it yet through that hole in it’s lug,

It’s a guid bit o’ stuff, is that wee wally dug.