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Your Wedding                                   

Congratulations!  You are ready to plan your wedding and thinking of a ceremony unique to you.  You will also be thinking of choosing a location perfect for your day.  Have your wedding ceremony, whenever you like, where you like.  As your Celebrant, I am here to guide you through all of the options you might have to hold a ceremony that matches your values, beleifs and dreams.

Did you know that you can hold your ceremony anywhere you wish - your favourite Hotel, Restaurant, Local Hall, at the Bonnie Banks of a Scotish Loch...or even abroad, you have the freedom to choose your favourite location!  I am happy to hold your service in the venue of your choice.

I am very aware that booking a celebrant to hold your wedding ceremony can be very confusing and I am happy to chat to you by telephone or email to answer any questions you may have - call 07771 278003 or emai: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or www.marriagescotland.com

Your Choice

Choosing an Interfaith Celebrant to conduct your ceremony gives you a lot of freedom to plan not only where to hold your ceremony but what goes into your ceremony and you can have the ceremony exactly as you wish, not one already made for someone else.  From the first step of planning your ceremony to the creation and writing stage, right through to the big event, I will be right there with you to design and deliver a beautiful ceremony to reflect the personalities of you both and help you to create your perfect vision on the day.

Perhaps as individuals you follow different faiths or no religion, no need to worry, the ceremony can be written and presented in a style to meet all your needs and allow your family and friends to feel involved and relax and enjoy the day.

Your Voice - Your Vows

The key ingredients for your special ceremony will be chosen by you. Your wedding vows can be traditional or special to you both, in your own words and your own style.

Your Touch

You decide on the location for the ceremony, outdoors, indoors, your options are many.  You may wish to add many different ingredients, a touch of music, a favourite song or a poem you may choose to add a religious touch with a prayer, a hymn or a reading.  Whatever ingredients you select I will create along with you a truly unique wedding ceremony.

Your Loved Ones

It may be that you want to include a family member or friend to participate in your special ceremony.  This can often be added in a special way, have them recite a poem or quote or assist with a ritual if you choose to add one.

Your Elements of Fun!


Your choice may be to add a ritual to your unique ceremony, maybe a candle lighting, hand fasting, wine sharing or I have many ideas for unique Scottish Weddings.  


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Call me now for an informal chat to discuss your options: Barbara on 07771 278003

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