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Your Funeral Plan

It may be that you are for whatever reason thinking of making your Will, Funeral Plan and Living Eulogy. You may have already been to a Solicitor to have the Will written.  You may have already taken out a Funeral Plan.  However, so many people make all of the arrangements for the Funeral Service and their wishes for their inheritance and forget to include what exactly they would like to be said at the funeral or what music they would like, should it be religious or not.  It is one of the most important events in your name, why not have your say.

Your Choice

Often people feel that the only option is to have a Religious Funeral conducted by a priest or minister.  Others may choose not have any religion whatsoever and select a Humanist Funeral conducted by a Humanist Celebrant.

As an Independent Funeral Celebrant I can offer a highly personal ceremony giving you the choice to exclude religion or include elements of religion, creating a ceremony in line with your life, values and individuality as your loved ones and friends know you. A celebration of your life.

I can offer you the ceremony of your choice.  You may choose to have a completely religious ceremony or one without any religion at all.  You may decide that you would prefer a more personal ceremony with elements of religion.  The choice is yours and my aim is to help you get the ceremony you want by helping you to record your wishes for you to then leave with your Solicitor or in a Funeral Plan.

As an Independent Celebrant I will work together with you to select the style and content most suitable to give you a meaningful service.

Your Celebrant

Your chosen Celebrant may be the key speaker at your funeral.  When you get in touch I will have a good chat over the phone, if you are local it may be possible to meet you in person.  I will listen to your wishes and what you want to say and happen on the day, I will gather information to allow me to prepare content for your tribute.  A draft tribute will be sent to you for consideration, amendment if necessary and only when you are happy with it will I ask for your signed approval.

You may wish to involve other speakers, this is not a problem and I can guide you through many options to involve them and make their own unique contribution.

Your Personal Touch

You may want to consider a personal touch with your favourite music, song, a poem or quote.  Perhaps you want to add a touch of religion or spirituality to your service and have a prayer, reading or hymn.  Through our conversations I will make suggestions for you and make sure your wishes are included.

Your Family and Friends

It may be that you want to include a family member or friend in the ceremony. There are many ways in which you can do this in a special way, recital of a poem, a family story, song or perhaps a prayer.  You may simply want to suggest a few names of those you would like to speak and let your wishes be known.

My Promise

There is no obligation to use any particular Celebrant at your funeral.  Your Will, your Say. You plan is for what you would like to happen and what will make your final farewell personal and special.  My promise is that I will help you to create a plan according to your wishes for you to include with your Will and or with your Funeral Plan or Funeral Director.  Your plan and Living Eulogy will then be ready to help your loved ones be re-assured that you are having the service you would truly have wanted.

Call me now to discuss your options, I will be pleased to help create a special personalised ceremony to your requirements: Barbara 07771 278003